How to Order Sod

If you choose to install our turf yourself plan carefully when placing your order.

Steps to plan your installation

Determine amount of sod needed

Determine the amount of sod you will need by multiplying the length by the width to get the total square footage (example: an area 12 feet wide by 20 feet long — 12′ x 20’= 240 square feet). A good rule of thumb is to order approximately 5% more sod than the actual measurement to account for measuring mistakes and irregular shaped areas. Use our sod calculator to help you determine the square footage.

Prep your site

Plan to have your site prepped prior to picking up your sod or having it delivered. You will want to install the turf as soon as you get it, as it is a perishable product. If you are unable to install the sod immediately upon arrival, try to store it in a shaded area.

Sod pickup

If you plan to pick your sod up yourself, call for on-farm pickups at least one day in advance.

Sod delivery

If you wish to have your sod delivered, we recommend calling with as much notice as possible. We can typically accommodate deliveries within two days, but weather delays and peak times can sometimes put deliveries at least a week out.

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Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width times the length. (Area=L x W)

Gh Triangle

Multiply the two longest sides together, and then divide by 2. (Area=B x H/2)

Gh Circle

Take the radius (the distance across the middle of circle) and square it (multiply it by itself), then take this number and multiply it by Pi (3.14).
(Area = πr2)

Gh Other
Odd Shape

Roughly divide the area into squares, triangles, etc. Calculate each separate piece and add them together.

Sod Specifications

- Size of roll = 5′ long by 2′ wide for a total of 10 square feet
- Average Weight: 35-40 lbs per roll (Depending on moisture content)
- The soil and root layer of each roll is approximately 1/2″ thick
- One full pallet = 640 square feet (64 rolls that are 10 square feet each)
- Each pallet = 2500 lbs (approximate average weight — varies due to moisture content)


All Green Horizons Turf Farm sod is guaranteed fresh cut to order to insure that each customer receives the freshest product possible. However, sod is a perishable product and we strongly recommend that all sod be installed as soon as possible after delivery and watering should begin after a maximum of 300 square feet have been installed (see watering guide on maintenance page).

Ready to Order?

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Our turf is available for pick-up or delivery in any quantity to residential homeowners and commercial businesses, landscapers and contractors.

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