365ss Kentucky Bluegrass

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$0.65 per sq ft 

(Starting at 640 sq ft)

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  • Each roll is 2ft x 5ft (a total of 10 sq ft)

365ss is a revolutionary Kentucky bluegrass blend that is fast to establish and create great sod strength. This sod holds up to extreme wear and traffic and is great for sports fields and home lawns.

365ss is great in both full and partial shade, creating a dark green color, as well as being very disease resistant!

How to Measure:


Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width times the length. (Area=L x W)


Multiply the two longest sides together, and then divide by 2. (Area=B x H/2)


Take the radius (the distance across the middle of circle) and square it (multiply it by itself), then take this number and multiply it by Pi (3.14).(Area = πr2)

Odd Shape

Roughly divide the area into squares, triangles, etc. Calculate each separate piece and add them together.


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