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  • Each roll is 2ft x 5ft (a total of 10 sq ft)


HGT stands for Healthy Grass Technology and features proven durable, disease resistant Kentucky bluegrasses. Developed from extremely traffic tolerant parent stock and within harsh climatic conditions, Barvette HGT came out of Barenbrug’s research program solving each of the major species-wide problems and possesses many additional qualities making it one of the most unique Kentucky bluegrasses ever bred.


Ideal Applications:

*Lawns *Parks *Commercial *Golf Course *Cemeteries *Sports Fields

Multi-Disease Resistance

Summer patch and stem rust are serious turf diseases that cause significant damage to most Kentucky bluegrass varieties. HGT has shown itself to be a step above, as it has consistently ranked in the top groups in NTEP trials.

Exceptionally Strong Spring Green-up

Most bluegrasses are very slow to break winter dormancy. Barvette HGT has shown itself to be at the top of the pack and greens up early in the spring allowing earlier spring play.

Fine Leaf Texture

Winning awards year-in and year-out, HGT especially shines as a home-lawn turfgrass base and its finer texture provides a more luxurious under-foot feel.

Low Thatch Accumulation

Traditionally, Kentucky bluegrass has been known to be a high-thatch producing species. Even though HGT contains extremely aggressive varieties, they produce less thatch resulting in less work in the future.

For more information read the HGT Datasheet

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How to Measure:


Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width times the length. (Area=L x W)


Multiply the two longest sides together, and then divide by 2. (Area=B x H/2)


Take the radius (the distance across the middle of circle) and square it (multiply it by itself), then take this number and multiply it by Pi (3.14).(Area = πr2)

Odd Shape

Roughly divide the area into squares, triangles, etc. Calculate each separate piece and add them together.


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