Top of the Valley Tall Fescue

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$0.65 per sq ft

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  • Each roll is 2ft x 5ft (a total of 10 sq ft)

Top of the Valley Sod is grown in the “Garden” of the Shenandoah Valley and it is some of the heartiest sod you will find. Over the last 20 years, Green Horizons has tailored the growing practices and blends of turf varieties to flourish in the transition zone of the Mid-Atlantic. The extremely nutrient-rich soil and climate of the area create unmatched conditions for growing and transplanting turf.

How to Measure:


Square or Rectangle

Multiply the width times the length. (Area=L x W)


Multiply the two longest sides together, and then divide by 2. (Area=B x H/2)


Take the radius (the distance across the middle of circle) and square it (multiply it by itself), then take this number and multiply it by Pi (3.14).(Area = πr2)

Odd Shape

Roughly divide the area into squares, triangles, etc. Calculate each separate piece and add them together.


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